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Nick LaMonica

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                                                            Our story


Grand Prix Jr. Racing Derby was started in 2017 by Nick LaMonica a retired self-employed

carpenter for 40 years. 


Loving carpentry and tinkering, after retirement he continued doing small jobs for old customers. But, bored with retirement, he looked for a new adventure.


In 2015 he applied and was hired as a specialist by a local popular Day Camp to set up and run a woodworking shop for the children. One of the first projects was to have them design and build their own wooden cars, from scratch. The children also made many other wood projects, including boats, airplanes, stilts and candy dispensers. 


Nick was a former Boy Scout leader who helped the Scout’s build race cars for the Boy Scout’s Pinewood Derby.  Using this experience, he also built for the children at the camp a racing ramp for their cars which proved to be wildly successful. Of all the projects the children made, the race car ramp was their favorite. Whenever they had free time, they went directly to the ramp to play.


After three years, near the close of the summer camp in 2017, Nick decided to build his own ramp and cars to spread the fun to others at special events, Birthday parties, etc.


Each car is unique, hand built, and one of a kind.For our races, the cars are supplied, already built and ready to go.The children race a different car with every race.We have available ,two lane tracks and have recently added a four lane racing track for high volume use and have expanded to now have motorcycle racing as well. Again, each one is hand built.


Nick first brought his ramp and cars to the public in September of 2017 at a local fall festival, which resulted in more bookings.


Since starting ,GrandPrixJr racing derby has been in events at the Field home fall Festival. Camp Kiwi , Camp Mohawk, Camp Nabby, Yorktown Grange fair car show , Buchanan day fall festival, The Pumpkin patch and birthday parties.


                       Planning an event or party ?

                                           Kids love it. (Adults too.)

 We deliver , set up and monitor the race track ramp and supply 24 unique hand made 

Wood vehicles of various sizes weights and shapes.


Rates : $250.00 for two hours   

            $50.00/hour after that, pro rated in 15 minute intervals.